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Raccolta di articoli tecnici    02/2011


R. Floss; G. Bräu"Design Funundamentals for Geosynthetic Soil Technique" Technische Universität München, Zentrum Geotechnik, Germany
Ivan NĚMEC, Jiří BUČEK-"Nonlinear Analysis of Structure-Soil Interaction using Surface Subsoil Model"
D. M. POTTS-"Numerical analysis: a virtual dream or practical reality?"


Raccolta di articoli tecnici    09/2010


Mandal, J. N.-Mhaiskar, S. Y.-Manjunath, V. R.- "Experimental and finite element analysis on bearing capacity of geosynthetic reinforced sand"
Mandal, J. N.- Joshi, A. A. - "Design of geosynthetic reinforced embankments on soft soil"
Dixit, R. K.-Mandal, J. N.-"Bearing capacity of geosynthetic-reinforced soil using variational method"
Nimbalkar, S. S.-Choudhury, Deepankar-Mandal, J. N.-"Seismic stability of reinforced soil-wall by pseudo-dynamic method"
Mhaiskar, S. Y.-Mandal, J. N.-"Investigations on soft clay subgrade strengthening using geocells"
Hsu, Y.T. and Fu, C.C.-"Study of Damaged Wushi Bridge in Taiwan 921 Earthquake"
Practice Periodical on Structural Design & Construction, ASCE Vol. 5, No. 4, pp. 166-171, Nov. 2000
Robert, J, Alayed, H. and Fu, C.C.-"Deck Replacement for the Skewed Truss Bridge on MD24 over Deer Creek in Harford County, Maryland Utilizing a Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Deck"
19th Annual International Bridge Conference, June1-12, 2002, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
K. S. Rao and D. Neelima Satyam-"Liquefaction studies for seismic microzonation of delhi region"
A. K. Mahajan, Rob J. Sporry, P. K. Champati Ray, Rajiv Ranjan, Siefko Slob and Westen Cees Van-"Methodology for site-response studies using multi-channel analysis of surface wave technique in Dehradun city"
Choudhury, Deepankar - Nimbalkar, S. S.-"Pseudo-dynamic approach of seismic active earth pressure behind retaining wall"
Choudhury, Deepankar - Chatterjee, Santiram - "Displacement-based seismic active earth pressure on rigid retaining walls"
Deepankar Choudhury and K. S. Subba Rao - "Seismic Bearing Capacity of Shallow Strip Footings Embedded in Slope"
Ahmad, Syed Mohd - Choudhury, Deepankar - "Stability of waterfront retaining wall subjected to pseudo-dynamic earthquake forces and tsunami"
Choudhury, Deepankar - Chatterjee, Santiram - "Dynamic active earth pressure on retaining structures"